What is an online programme? How does it differ from normal Distance Learning Programme?

An online programme is a next level GENEX distance learning programme in which the student is not required to come physically to a campus or a classroom regularily. He is required to study the interactive online study material through Internet at his own pace. Examinations are conducted at the end of semester

What is the duration of online programmes viz a viz regular Distance Learning programmes?

The duration of online programmes is the same as that of regular Distance Learning programmes. However, the duration of online programmes can be extended further for the benefit of working professionals or others who can't devote full time and are not able to complete the programme in normal time.

What extra edge does MIPS give me?

  • The programmes are self paced and are offered online twice in a year (Jan and Jul)
  • Interactive Student Study Material (SSM) developed by specialists in the field is available to students online for anytime anywhere learning.
  • Online presentation and quizzes at the end of each chapter makes the reading more interesting, engrossing and easy for self-assessment.
  • Optional Online Contact Programme (OCP) through Interactive Live Virtual Classes conducted by renowned faculties. Provision of Archived Classes for those students who miss the class due to any reason.
  • Online Assignments, Online Mentoring and Support, Real Time Chat Sessions, Discussion Forums
  • Degree/Diploma/Certification from MIPS University,

Who will benefit from online programmes?

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Businessmen
  • Retired Personnel
  • Defense Personnel
  • People on the move
  • Working Professionals
  • People living in far flung/remote areas
  • Central Govt. or State Govt. Employees


How can I apply for an online programme?

  • Applicant registers on the website with all the information required.
  • Applicant pays the registration fee of INR 500.
  • Download the application form, fill it, attach all the required documents and send it to ACeL. Do not forget to mention ARN.
  • After receiving a confirmation on the eligibility, the applicant then pays the semester fees.
  • Is online registration a must to apply for a programme?
  • Yes, it is must.